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Established by Graham Roberts in 1974

Graham Roberts

Our founder, Graham Roberts, was closely involved in the research and development for the fibreglass industry and was responsible for the establishment and operation of several leading organisations seeking to exploit the advantages of glass reinforced plastics.

A significant influence

GRP Fibreglass Flow Coat

Graham and his team were significant contributors to glass reinforced moulding techniques for an impressively wide range of products, including Lotus cars, large and small marine vessels - from dinghys to hovercraft, a broad range of commercial and industrial mouldings from motor cycle fairings, sports cars, machine tool elements, portable buildings and household items. To name but a few!

Continuing the journey - establishing GRP as the
UK's Favourite fibreglass and composite supplier.

GRP Fibreglass Flow Coat

This extensive knowledge base provided the firm foundation for the launch Graham Roberts Plastics, dedicated to servicing the rapidly growing market. Since then, GRP has continued to expand, with the valuable combination of sound technical advice and competitive pricing driving growth. The addition of the ‘Roof-It-All’ brand to our offering provides a focused, GRP material supply service to the flat roofing sector.